Japanese Names

Owning a breed that originates in Japan, many Akita owners and breeders are looking for customized and authentic Japanese names for their dogs. Unfortunately when googling in western languages, the list of names to choose from is rather short, so that many dogs across Europe end up having the same name.

Over time many fellow breeders approached me seeking advice on naming their current litter or finding a suitable personalized kennel name. Being a Japanologist and very passionate about proper names in general I happily responded to these requests. 

In time I felt I wanted to turn this into something that would benefit those less fortunate within our beloved breed, which is why I resolved to ask for a small compensation for each name. The total of which will be transferred to “Akita in Not” (Akita Rescue Organization in Germany).


If I was able to attract your interest please feel free to contact me via Email or phone. 

Puppy Names

I am offering to find suitable names for your puppy/puppies. The service will include the correct transcription as well as the Japanese characters (Kanji) and an English or German translation of the name. I will ask for 2 € per name. 

Kennel Names

To those looking for a customized kennel name that is not just a made up word but would withstand Japanese scrutiny, I will gladly advise you for the total amount of  5€.


In 2017 I was able to collect 302€ for "Akita in Need". Due to generous name-seekers I was able to collect and pass on 348€ to "Akita in Need" in 2018. I am hoping for more people to use my service and thus help the growing number of unlucky Akita out there.